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If you are a student or parent and did not find your school listed on our site, we'd love to find out more about your school and its uniform requirements. Some schools allow students to purchase their uniforms anywhere, as long as they are the correct garments in the correct fabric. In this case, we want to add the correct garments to our site. In other cases, a school may only allow uniforms to come from approved suppliers, and sometimes a school has an exclusive contract with a uniform company. In these cases, we'll need to talk to the principal or school officials to become an approved supplier.

We're excited that you're taking the time to let us know about your school! Please use the link below to email us with the school's name and location, the principal's name and phone number, and any desciption you can provide of the garments and colors already in use at the school. Let us know how to get in touch with you as well, and we'll take it from there! You can email to:

Meanwhile, you can shop on our site by clicking on "Boys Items" or "Girls Items" above, or you can call us at 800-780-8751 and we'll be glad to help you find what you need by phone.

Thanks for your interest in Inka's!

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