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Use Inka's as Your Uniform Supplier
If you want your students in the best quality uniforms - those that last the longest, fit the best, and feel the most comfortable - then we're happy that you've found Inka's. While other companies use economical fabrics, Inka's uses only the best available. Those that are the most durable, that wash repeatedly without fading, that don't require tedious ironing or treatment of stains to look nice.

While most companies use designs that are the easiest to manufacture, Inka's sews in double seams and very generous hems, so that garments can be made up to two sizes larger, often with no sewing at all! (Please read about our UpScale features.) Put a child in a uniform from Inka's, and they won't be replacing it soon. In fact, when they're handing it down to others, they'll be amazed at how new it still looks!

Every school has some students that are difficult to fit, and every uniform company will take a special order to accommodate them. In most cases, these special orders are faxed overseas, where the factory cuts and sews the special garment, ships it to the US, clears it through customs, and delivers it to the store. Some eight to twelve weeks later, your hard-to-fit student can finally come to school properly dressed.

Inka's handles that situation somewhat differently. We'll measure your student in the store, and we too will fax off the special order. But it's barely a long-distance call; our factory is just down the road from us in Eunice, Louisiana. In just a few days, your student will be taken care of. It's just one more advantage of keeping jobs here at home, of having goods that say "Made in the USA." (Fully three-fourths of the products we sell are manufactured in this country.)

Some suppliers will offer you a "generous" incentive plan where they return a percentage of uniform sales to your school; for the specifics on how these plans really work, please click here.

We'd love to work with you, to serve your school, your students, and their parents in the best way possible! Please contact:

Inka Mims
225-922-9495, ext. 101

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